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Clearing things up - Airplane Hello guys. I am Airplane, known as my old character "MercLuvsPie". Recently, a person with the IGN Puffem / Capq has been stating that I hacked his account. Let's state some facts here - I am sorta well known in Scania - I have many vouchers in-game - Capq / Puffem () has no proof whatsoever (Just because somebody claims I admitted to hacking him doesn't mean it's true. Provide a screenshot of me admitting it please.) - He mentions this thread ( ) which has no proof whatsoever either. Just two people under lv70 saying that I scam. - Fails to spell his own proof right (*Receats not Reacts) and also fails to spell (*Legit not ligit) correctly. - Isn't even known in Scania, except for being a scammer /