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Jaira Spawn times (theory) Well there's been a lot of talk about when Jaira spawns, in what channel, what room & etc. But what if there's a time schedule for each day? I've been looking through many threads and found that some people have found Jaira at a certain time, on a certain day, in a certain room. To be honest, I haven't exactly tried these theories, yet, but it's still just an assumption. I'll edit this as more info comes out. (Dec 23rd) Thursday: 12AM (PST) room 508. (Dec 24th) Friday: No spawn. Although I did read one thread where someone caught it at 1AM (PST). (Dec 25th) Saturday: 12PM (PST) room 500. Again, this is an assumption and I also got the information about rooms from another thread. You can find when people caught Jairas & etc by just looking through the forums here on Basil. Also look at the date when it was posted & you'll notice a pattern. Leave comments as this will be updated regularly! ^^

0 December 26, 2010

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wait, i dont get how there are different rooms.
Reply December 27, 2010

[quote=Sodacombo]In a server with 20 channels, yes. Your chance of find Jaira its 1/200.[/quote] Actually it is 20/200.

Reply December 27, 2010

There's 10 rooms in each channel, 931000500 - 931000509. You can find out which room you're in by going to the start menu, search for "run" in the search bar, then type in "regedit". Press enter, go to the "edit" tab and click "find" and type in "siFieldID". It'll have the numbers beside these letter things. ^ I did not find that out by myself, I found it in another thread. And it might spawn every 12 hours after the first one's caught. Don't know, yet :o

Reply December 27, 2010

[quote=Spaznats]So 1. How can you tell which room you're in. 2. I've heard it spawns one per world every 1.5 hours. Keep this updated? •~•[/quote] Check your registry. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Wizet/Maplestory, key siFieldID iirc

Reply December 26, 2010 - edited
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