trying to get back into maple, looking for some help so yeah i took a pretty long hiatus from maple and i've been really bored this summer so i figured WHY NOT SIT AT HOME AND PLAY COMPUTER GAMES? the problem being that it seems maple has changed quite a bit (for better or for worse) and i have no idea what any of these new jobs are. yeah i know i could just read a wiki and update myself but if i could get a player's perspective on everything going that'd be really helpful! pretty much an ironically detailed TL;DR of some of the things i've missed? EDIT: i quit around 2007-2008 so yea ALSO i checked my account and i have around 600 mil laying around (idk?).. is that still a lot?

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does anyone else have this? like if someone's talking to you or for whatever reason you're just standing around, do you get the feeling that you just HAVE to occupy your hands with something? i just recently noticed it after someone (rudely) mentioned it to me; like i'm always holding SOMETHING andplaying with it, and if i'm not i have my arms crossed or one hand on my hip and the other on my head or something weird so am i the only one that has this or am a strange person?

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Do I need to get this mole removed? [url=]me with mole[/url] [url=]mewithmole2[/url] i'm EXTREMELY self conscious about it i don't really show it around people, but i am and i've been wondering if i should just get it removed.. but i have no knowledge of mole removal so i'm a bit hesitant.. SO BASIL SHOULD I REMOVE MY MOLE