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Fafnir vs SW armor/dagger and some other questions Hi everyone, I know this is a question that has been posted a lot in the past, but I couldn't find a conclusive answer since they were outdated/split 50-50. Anyway, I'm f2p and am wondering whether I should buy a SW dagger and transpose my Damascus onto it. I know that the main argument for getting the SW is the atk speed, but I heard that shads already hit the soft cap w/ the Damascus. If I don't have MPE pots, then does the Faster atk speed from the SW even mean anything? My other question(s) are about my armor/transposing. Currently, I have 4 set CRA and Empress equips for everything else. Since I can't afford Tyrants, it'd be most optimal for me to get SW armor to replace the Empress ar

General Shadower

Is the new ME clunky for you? So with the most recent patch update, ME now has a much quicker cast time. In addition, you'll only be able to drop 15 mesos max with pickpocket. The idea of this is to weave in ME between your skills (BS or Assassinate). But when I tried to do it, it seems difficult to weave ME between skills because if I try to do it quickly, I'll end up casting ME twice in a row. If I try to do it slowly, I'm losing out on damage because my BS or Assassinate would then be slower. Do you guys feel the same? Should I just practice more to get more accustomed to the timing of the skills? You can't macro ME to BS/Assassinate either, so that option is out the window.

General Updates

Game isnt launching Hi everyone. I tried launching the game using the launcher, but it said that either the game was down, I was accessing from a banned IP, or that my Internet isn't stable. Then I tried from the website, and it asked me to download the game when I tried launching it. Can anyone explain to me what's going on? Maplestory's downloaded on my computer, and I haven't been banned or anything. The website didn't say the game was offline, and I think my Internet connection's stable? Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.

General Tech

Play Store taking too long to load Hey everyone, I recently bought a Samsung GS3 and it's working fine, but I have a couple of questions. When I go to the Play Store, the screen gets stuck loading and is also coloured gray, like there is no wifi. However, my wifi is turned on. Another question: when I go to my Applications from the Home Screen, there's an empty gap between the first page and the second page. In example, let's say each page can fit 10 apps on its screen. However, the page displays only 8 apps with 2 empty spaces left over, and on the second page are the 2 other apps. Is there a way to move the 2 apps from the second page back to the first page? Thanks guys! Apologies for my confusing explanation/question, but I don't really

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