Mutant Snail Familiar vs Mr. Ali Familiar

Title. Which one heals more, and which one heals faster? Mr. Ali's familiar also says it heals hp/mp continuously. Does that mean nonstop? Thanks a lot!

November 13, 2014

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Continuously = every 10 seconds.
Also if it's by a "large amount" it's 15% HP/MP, then 10%, and 5% for a small amount.

Reply November 13, 2014

They both heal at the same pace, but Mr Ali (I think since I never used it) is for yourself only. While Mutant Snail is for yourself and whole party and it lasts longer.

Reply November 13, 2014

Their attacks are different, like previously stated, but the Mutant Snail familiar should also last longer because it is higher level, if my understanding of familiars is correct.

Reply November 13, 2014

There's no difference between the "heals a lot of HP/MP continuously" familiars, outside of their attacks.

Reply November 13, 2014