Fafnir vs SW armor/dagger and some other questions

Hi everyone,
I know this is a question that has been posted a lot in the past, but I couldn't find a conclusive answer since they were outdated/split 50-50.

Anyway, I'm f2p and am wondering whether I should buy a SW dagger and transpose my Damascus onto it. I know that the main argument for getting the SW is the atk speed, but I heard that shads already hit the soft cap w/ the Damascus. If I don't have MPE pots, then does the Faster atk speed from the SW even mean anything?

My other question(s) are about my armor/transposing.
Currently, I have 4 set CRA and Empress equips for everything else. Since I can't afford Tyrants, it'd be most optimal for me to get SW armor to replace the Empress armor right? Assuming I can get all the SW armor, should I then do 3 CRA (no Damascus)/4 SW, or 4 CRA/3SW? Is the atk bonus from the set effect of the SW worth more than the 30% boss from a 4 set CRA? Or should I just go all SW since I can't afford Tyrants? I guess this question is kinda like the big picture of my first question about the daggers.

Lastly, I have some questions about transposing. If I were to transpose my Damascus onto my SW, I should first fully enhance the Damascus right? So that I get an extra star or something after I transpose? Are souls/potentials transposed?

If it means anything, I'm working (very slowly) on my Damascus--it's currently +7 15% spell traces, 3 lines Unique, and 3 lines Rare bonus pot. The rest of my CRA gear are just 70% spell traces w/ Epic pot. I have legendary inner.

Thanks a lot guys, for taking the time to read and answer this post!

June 20, 2017

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Attack speed wise you can reach hard cap with just dSI and Green MPE alone, so the speed difference is redundant. Sweetwater is fine, but only if you're dead sure that you won't be selling them off and that Shadower would be the only main you'll ever play. And I'm pretty sure you can just join a guild and ask for a Tyrant Cape carry politely. You can also do the contents in Kritias for Tyrant Glove and collect the Magnus coins for Tyrant Shoes. You don't really need to PSOK and buy them from other users if you're willing to dedicate times to obtain them yourself. If I'm you I'll stick with Fafnir and Tyrant sets, and use temporal, but still decent stuffs like Wings of Fate, HQ Dimension Glove and, some shoes before I get them.

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The base cost of the items is little in the grand scheme of things. You will spend a lot of time farming cubes or mesos for much more expensive and rng-based things.

Essentially, it's up to you if later you decide you use mpe potions.

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