Play Store taking too long to load

Hey everyone, I recently bought a Samsung GS3 and it's working fine, but I have a couple of questions. When I go to the Play Store, the screen gets stuck loading and is also coloured gray, like there is no wifi. However, my wifi is turned on. Another question: when I go to my Applications from the Home Screen, there's an empty gap between the first page and the second page. In example, let's say each page can fit 10 apps on its screen. However, the page displays only 8 apps with 2 empty spaces left over, and on the second page are the 2 other apps. Is there a way to move the 2 apps from the second page back to the first page? Thanks guys! Apologies for my confusing explanation/question, but I don't really know how to clearly describe them. Thanks again.

December 30, 2014

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[quote=JustBeHonest]Good you bought a decent phone, now buy a decent internet[/quote]
Thing is, I was able to look at my installed apps and update them. I wasn't able to conduct searches or go to the home screen of the Play Store.

Reply December 30, 2014