General Nexon

Livestreaming Vindictus Stream is offline. Current level: 78 Next day stream: Friday, 17th. Doing the level 1-85 event. I'll answer any questions you have if you're interested in the game. (Post them on basil. Twitch doesn't like my channel chat) Official Start time: 4:27pm 4/10 level 1 Friday's total time: 8 hours (Simplified rounding) Saturday's total time: 13 hours (Rounded up. Took breaks and stuff) Sunday's total time: 13 hours (Rounded up) Total: 34 hours What I mean is those boats that are 1 boss long. e.g: Wasp Hive, kill the first boss you encounter in Crescent Moon Island, get 250k base exp w/o multipliers. (50~69 version) Takes about 3 minutes to run. (Included loading time and boat prep time) When you kill the boss and the slow-

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