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The one summer smash hit song came out [url=][/url] Every year we have a summer anthem, last year's summer anthem seemed to be Lana Del Rey's Summertime Sadness, remixed. This time it's by Japanese duo group FEMM. With their amazingly smash hit Fxxk Boyz Get Money. I have never believed in a group as conceptually strong as these girls. They are aiming to be a "global" experience and therefore all their songs are in English, but rest assured, that style of twerking could only come from Japan. The group is conceptually two mannequins (SW-000000 and MS-000000) dubbed FEMM given names LuLa and RiRi, don't ask me which one is which, I have no idea, but I am sort of obsessed with the slightly t

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Spilling the Tea So I just got to 120 on my Shade, and I fully intend to get to 150, I was planning that if I liked the class I would possibly use it as a side main, but no. Shade is lack luster, Shade plays more like a Battle Mage than a pirate, which is not a bad thing, in my opinion, as I love Battle Mages more than pirates, except, Shade takes the worst things from a Battle Mage, and uses them as his/her home ground. Filled with repetitive attacks, slow animations (when using mob skills), and overall horrible modifiers (only one skill that gives him damage), not to mention the fact he has only three buffs in his entire arsenal that's unique to him (buffs as in casting buffs). I played Shade in KMS, where it's referred to as Eunwol, and

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The one that got away Recently, I've been thinking about things a lot lately, mostly about the people I used to date. And even those I used to have a friendship with. It's sad, thinking about them, and maybe venting about it will get it out of my system. Talk about the person that you voluntarily/involuntarily let go of, what you would do if you could redo your relationship over, if you miss him/her, and how life is after that person. You don't have to go into super detail Something like this: Mine was an ex-friend, miss him, recently popped back into my life randomly, resurfacing wounds. Didn't want to let him go, but ultimately had to for the good of my own health. I would redo my stupidity over, but it's not something I regret so much. I