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Horntail is spose' to have 3 heads and a 6-pack on his fat belly. Well, here is his mutant cousin!

Ignore my doo doo signature, also.

9 August 8, 2012


@klydekiss: Thanks :] I have a scanner but its broked D:

I'll try to figure something out in the future for more artsy stuff.

Reply August 9, 2012 - edited

Lovely penmanship! Would be awesome to see it scanned but I understand alot of people dont have them and resort to taking photos but try take photos directly over the image =D. Either way, very cool interpretation!

Reply August 9, 2012 - edited

This is my first Art post on Basil... and I gotta say, the quality is pretty bad o.o

Anyway @LadyVuitton: Thank yous :> I didn't really know what else to call it honestly.

Reply August 8, 2012 - edited