Phantom Solo Chaos Vellum

July 12, 2016

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@cherrytigers: About the hyper skills. Long story short, Shadower's Coin flip is the best one to steal if you're capping. If you're not, then you should use the Marksman one. (I haven't been able to test this in game yet. EMS is still on the reboot-patch )

Delusiondash made this DPM calculator with both of the hyper stats, it's worth checking out

Also, if you have quite a bit of buff duration Final Cut should probably be better than rapidfire since it boosts all of your attacks in damage.

Reply July 16, 2016

@cherrytigers:A while ago Gaela told me to hit Vellum's tails in order to charge my deck closer to 40, So by the time Vellum's body actually pops up above ground, I would be able to hit it with judgement draw, dealing more damage.

Though, I'm quite laggy in game and the delay on judgement draw is quite big, that's why I didn't bother using it as it often gets me killed.

(You're right about the tails though, Vellum's HP doesn't decrease when you attack its tails.)

PS: @Gaela is proest phantom from EMS

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They grow up so quick <3 nice run, once again grats on the kill

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As far as I know, hitting tails does not deal damage to vellum. Also, sometimes, you should try releasing your 40 card stack when Vellum is going down. (I mean, don't turn on judgement draw, but just manually release it) The cards tend to hit tails instead though and if you do it too slowly, it won't hit any targets at all but looking at your good controls, I'm sure you'll be able to master this.

Nice run!

I haven't tested Phantom's hyper skills yet. Is the marksman hyper skill the best one to steal?

Another question: Is final cut your choice of skill because you're using tempest? I've been using rapid fire still. I should switch over to final cut then. Thanks for the video! It helped me out a lot.

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