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How to turn any gamepad game into 3D RPG or quot3D Maplestoryquot I found this maxaim ps4 key imput so you can place jump on shift and attack around your maplestory game keys as well as pick up or loot items on the 0 on the numberpad for any rpg-looking ps4 game since maplestory is getting pretty old, so that you can steal dreams from other Americans like maplestory used to give pro players good dreams when they sleep if you re-named maplestory ragnorak in your mind because it felt like a ragnorak. Link is here:;_ylt=AwrS32ECnkpaBEwAiFY0nIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTByYXI3cnIwBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDBGdwb3MDNA--?p=how+to+reconnect+external+keyboard+ps4&vid=2670babb9be17e71c30e0b3e13d0d831&

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Guide on how to workout with better potential to workout better using leverage in your mouth, buy a ring from a upscale store selling really good metal, sanded it til it's flexible, trimmed the width of it and left the cut open and put hard pottery clay on it so that i have shiny hard pottery that is a little matte at the bottom to imitate bone* your teeth in feeling, so i can have a place to press the sides of my tongue onto and against in my mouth whilst i suck the teeth in the front on the bottom, therefore i am less of a prey of reverse racism or of being brainwashed to be a bigot who hates women in particular. I am preying on weak members of society that way since the matte clay that is shiny at the top can imitate the feeling and shap


How to prey upon MS noobs better like mentioned in Socrates' In high school I sold mesos on craigslist to a 40 year old Asian male when white scrolls were 400mil each and this Asian male happened to be a bit bigger in body type and hr didn't look very youthful, so if you want to use noobs better while developing yourself into a tight-faced Obama without doing anything drastic, for playing maplestory more like a brainwashed freak who is more interested in the video game than real life, you can and should sand a metal ring and smooth the sides so it's not sharp and bake matte ceramic your tongue will feel on the inside of your mouth for as if it is enamel-worn teeth enamel in the oven onto the ring and put synthetic teething safe silicone for

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Why is Chief Bandit now a tanking class w/o REG. sb? The regular savage blow is gone so at least i get to mob at blowfishes at aqua road in second job to lvl fast, but shadowers used Savage blow in their moving chain combo of attacks well into 4th job in maple history. Also, the bandit class is broken since the flashjump should only be activated when you double jump but it gets activated when you hold down the arrow keys attack and get hit by a monster, making your design for attack really messed up. Don't you think Nexon should fix the flashjump problem at least?


What monster to hunt for lvl 130-160 thief claws to scroll? I bought the nebulite for 6% dmg type A yesterday for 550million mesos and the person selling it said it was super cheap on the megaphone but basilers said I overpaid by 200%. I bought it because it said online that the cost is 200mil-300mil but in various servers or during other times, for ex. in the early 2010's it cost 1.5bil to max mesos. What is the best monster maps, since google searches for maple monster drops might not be up to date, that I can train at to hunt for potential'd thief claw drops so I can scroll the better potential'd ones and place the neb on the best claw I scrolled so that i can put the neb I bought to good work with my 20% extra drop skill on my nightlord

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Who was hired to annouce perhaps La Presidenta Primera I just love how maniacal and cistern this woman who just recently said, "La Presidenta Primera" in a Spanish XFINITY basic channel reel that looked kind of 80's. She was wearing a suit top and bottom that was a vest and pants in dark color. Does anybody know the name of the woman so that I can pause the video when she says, "La Presidenta...," so that I can draw her image of her when she said that since if I know her name then I can track down that recent video clip? Or I can keep trying to ask higher upper in political philosophy if they know who she is... "She's the one." I'll keep looking for her.... owh at least I'm getting closer to finding the image of her that will count as my mo

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I need colleagues for a video game start-up firm The mmorg I am working on and have written details I would add for is written down in a paper journal. It centers around the picayune, or American English for small coin, like the aphrodisaitic effect found in mmorg's like Maplestory, and the paladin in the game will be named Paladin in it's original Castelleno wording. A quest in the game could be like, ormolu(liquid gold leaf ink) refining from other players' harvested crude gold bits. And Rhingrave could be the authentic term for German, etc... so that the real world could be what the game depicts historically pretty articulately. Isinglass in English means Italianische, etc... Obviously I am being serious about game designing here, since

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