Finally got called back for a job interview

at Mcdonald's. Not the best job, but for a junior in highschool, anything is good IMO. I know it's not your lifelong professional career interview type thing, but what sort of stuff should I know before I go? Any advice to give if you've made it through the interview and gotten a job at Mcy D'z?

November 22, 2014

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No matter what you do, always give 100%, unless you're donating blood.

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You'll be able to do everything with ease I assume. I started working at a King Soopers grocery store my junior year of high school, and I'm still working there over a year later, it's freakin boring as hell.

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I go to the University Of Chicago, this isn't my char, my cousin's char, but i used to work at a tutoring place, it's much better money than mcdonalds. Do something educational, don't get trapped in the streets.

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Ah, that was my high school job. Not the best, but it's a job.
Mcdonalds likes to ask a ton of situation questions to get a feel for your personality and decision making. For example, describe a time when you had to work in a group and someone wasn't working well. What did you do? Or, describe the last thing you did to help someone. If you can't think of an actual situation for something, just say I don't have a particular situation but I usually/I would.. and say what makes you look good.

At the end, they usually ask if you have any questions. [b]Do not[/b] ask about hours or pay or something. Ask something like what they look for in an employee, or what their company philosophy is. Something to show you're thinking about it seriously, and not just as a paycheck (even though this is likely the case).

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google typical job questions.
They'll say like "Whats your weakness and whats your strength" "how would your friends describe you". and be ready to answer questions about your resume.

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Write then memorize a short paragraph addressing your strengths and weaknesses. It's practically guaranteed that they'll ask some form of that question.

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Congrats! No shame in getting a job in McDonalds- everyone has to start somewhere.

The only key thing you need is CONFIDENCE. They will ask the generic interview questions, just make sure to answer them to the best of your abilities with confidence. Don't be shy and just pretend you're having a conversation with a friend, you don't want to be all uptight. Loose around

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Just be yourself. Don't listen to these guys, they'll only make you even nervous

Get a fresh haircut, fresh shave, a nice dress pants and a collared shirt with some formal shoes (doesn't need to be fancy gucci shoes). That'll give you some confidence and make you look professional.

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They'll ask the typical questions:
[*]Why do you want to work here?
[*]What do you do for fun?
[*]When are you available?

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@mrunderground Already dislike the quality of the food and haven't eaten it in years. It was one of the many places I applied to, gotta start saving up that college fund

But yeah I haven't actually gotten the job yet guys, it's just an interview...

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you will forever hate McDonalds food after from now on from getting hooked up so much food and the smell of the putrid frier

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Eat as much chicken nuggets as you can during your shift.

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