What should I aim for on my last line Inner Ability?

After some debating, I didn't want to hunt for more honor exp for the first line. I've decided to keep my first line at 20% boss. I was wondering what I should aim for on the last line. I was thinking buff duration, but someone told me it wasn't possible. What is your last line on your inner ability? <--- my stat window with IA

June 2, 2015

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buff duration is possible on the 3rd line

Reply June 2, 2015

[quote=Erag0n1]You can get 5% drop rate[/quote]

you can get up to 8% drop rate i believe...its what I have on my third line

Reply June 2, 2015

You can get 5% drop rate

Reply June 2, 2015

I have a 8% buff on last line at the moment. Also, usually players settle for anything that's beneficial on third line.

Reply June 2, 2015

2nd line hella godly <3

Reply June 2, 2015

Looks like epic rank, and getting buff duration is possible. Another option is +5% damage to normal monsters.

Reply June 2, 2015