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Hey guys, I have a Big question about Fullmetal Alchemist So I've recently begun watching FMA for a second time, after having originally watched it many years ago, and I've stumbled upon something that just doesn't make any sense to me. How did Wrath get Ed's arm and leg? What really puzzles me is that it seems as though Ed and Alphonse attempted to bring back their mother AFTER Izumi .. (spoilers!) had already created Wrath. She first appears to them when they were kids - no alterations to their bodies, yet she was apparently already sick - coughing up blood the same way she did when she found them years later. So, she had already sacrificed internal organs to bring her deceased baby back to life BEFORE she and Ed had even met. If everythi

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Anyone know how to update a character's basil image? Whenever I try updating my character, the level gets updated but the character image stays intact. I suppose deleting the character from basil and adding it back later would fix that, but I wouldn't want my [i]accomplishments[/i], including feedback to get deleted in the process. I'm sure there must be at least another thread on this burried somewhere on this site, but I didn't see any at first glance. Thank you to all those willing to help