Should GMS get Flames of Rebirth Additional Options *-starforce-and-flames%26nxid%3D6 I am wondering what you guys think about Additional Options and if it should come to GMS. I am hoping the game can provide a free way to upgrade equipment that doesn't involve having to spend real money. Having additional options would help those players who don't have much to spend get more damage as well provide a variety of different equipment in the game instead of using the same old CRA tyrant gollux SW combos. EMS had the ideal version of Flames of Rebirth by not having the scissor count. I want to hear your thoughts :D


Additional Options Thoughts Hello! MLC Daxterbeer here and I was wondering what you guys think of Flames of Rebirth. I understand there are unfunded players, godly players and many upgrade systems including Nebulites. Additional Options, but is anyone interested in this? The link above is the link to the actual poll and forum since making a new poll would be confusing. I understand we have Nebulites, but we would work on that before we try releasing another system. But in the meantime, I would like to hear you opinions! :D So far, players are upset about the scissors issue, but the council could discuss removing the burden. The main idea behind Additional Options is to allow players to make stronger items as long they can kill simple bosses

General Phantom

Mlc Phantom Questions and Suggestions for Gms Hi, Daxterbeer here. If you have a questions on Phantom or have Phantom suggestions to improve gameplay, shoot them here! Some people wanted Mille Augilles to be able to use in mid-air like Xenon's Blade Dancing as well as a larger skill pool of stolen skills. Give us your feedback, and hopefully your wishes may be granted. PS: Zelkova stole DB position F3, so bother him with the DB questions! Top is suppose to say "GMS" not "GMs"

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