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Vidya Game addiction How many of you would say you're addicted to playing games? Is it like, something you need? I'm talking about this because my aunt recently told me that I'm addicted, when I know I'm not. Like, I finally start feeling good about myself for getting a job and being completely independent, and I only play at night which is when I can, and only approximately 3-4 hours. The only reason why I would find video games bad is if they're controlling a persons life. As in like, not eat lunch or dinner because of playing, or risking personal hygiene just for playing. And social communications, I have my friends, and I'd go out whenever someone invited me over to a party or somewhere. The only issue I find myself with, is staying awa


Omagaa balloon Qq inb4 tired of basil balloon threads Well, I had gotten my code around 6 days ago now, but at the moment I got it, I couldn't redeem cause' I wasn't on my computer. Thing is, I asked a friend of mine (RL) to see if he could redeem it right away. So he got into my account, went to cash shop and tried to redeem. For some reason it said that the code was already redeemed and my friend and I tried redeeming it 12 hours after getting the code. Anyone else encountered this? I trust my friend enough to know that he wouldn't use the code for himself cause' we literally live right next to each other.

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