Thoughts on the elitist attitude? there, happy? when did I ever say that I was the good guy eh? you all think im tryin to get you all sympathetic for poor little ol me I made this thread because it annoyed me, and I wanted to share experiences of others who were annoyed, nothing else if you think I didn't retaliate you're sorely mistaken, because that's the kind of person I am I did not, however, wish to turn this into a fighting thread because frankly I'm just not in the mood for the ruthless attitude of the anon

General Battlemage

Thoughts on new BaM Now that we have a hands on experience of the new BaM (and a non bugged reaper) what are your thoughts on it? when I first saw the revamp, i absolutely hated it, and was so upset, over the next few months I came around to it, but still had this unsure feeling about it this continued on until the revamp hit. Now that we have it, I have to say, I don't hate it I still feel we got jipped in terms of mobbing, but since I'm 210, i don't plan on training much anymore anyways Bossing is amazing, our dark shock and new tele help out a ton at magnus (and I solo'd normal mag for the first time even with bugged reaper :D) My range dropped 100k, but i hit 1m more with FB than I did before Overall, i think the revamp is a plus, but w


Random teles since update? So every once in a while, whether I change maps, or cc, I've been teleported to random maps... This has been going on since the update, let me provide a few examples... 1st incident: I was changing channels, to go RA with my friends, once I cc'd I was at the SAO dungeon (that seems to be a popular one) 2nd incident: Using the magic seed in Leafre, crashed my game, upon restart I was in Ludi 3rd incident: CC surfing for an open mp3 channel for my BW brought me to the SAO dungeon 4th incident: Leaving the event hall brought me to hene, even though I was in leafre 5th incident: Crashed in Mr. Lee's, upon restart was in the SAO dungeon 6th incident: After dying to pb's dr I left the map and ended up in the gollux prep

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