P/c magnificent magnus soul , world is Gazed

pretty much title says all, i have 2 magnificent magnus soul, will bring it to gazed soon.

Also i was wondering if anyone in GAZED willing to Trade drop % ring for my two 30% str ring:,gJN1XFk#1,gJN1XFk#0

it has to be the same ring(the eternal meister mage set ring) and wiht 20% drop rate or higher,

or Trade them for cracked/meister/meister all mighty/solid gollux ring with 20% drop rate or higher + clean version of meister mage set rings (i wont provide u psok and blah mine dont need psok)

no meso transaction will be involved. if u get me 20% ill take it u get me 40% ill take it too


May 27, 2015

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@xXMCheifXx yeah i know but i dont htink anyone will buy it for good price lol id rather have drop rate instead.[/quote]

Even if they buy it for a rip off price, you could still do better than a straight trade.

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That's kind of an insane trade... Cubing 20% drop rate is infinitely easier than 30% str.

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They're about 15b

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how much for the mask

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my goodness you're going to be filthy rich son
they're like 10b-16b (unless that's changed from the last time I saw them)

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