Looking for bossing partner in Gazed

Looking for a stable hell gollux partner to trade leech, i have like many strong mulez who can be hellux finisher. Since im a F/p and paralyze dont have many lines and i lag it gonna take a while so ur mule must have 5k main stat to be safe as a finisher.
Also LF>hard magnus run trade, prefer 2 more ppl who r active enough so we can leech each other. i will be only doing 1 run per week since im too lazy to do kritias. i have all bind mulez.

if u do all 4 cra boss and with decent drop rate%(like at least 1 line per drop gear) we can be cra partner too. i can help loot, i can also do support on pally/dw/bt/bishop.

if u interested plz buddy me and balh thx.

June 12, 2015

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@wall: tysm. yeah recently i can do magnus on evan now gonna need a new team. after next miracle time hopefully i can do hardmagnus on my DA too

Reply June 12, 2015

[quote=wall]@jerry5000: hes a damage cap wild hunter[/quote]

mind if i pitch in for hmag run? if not thats cool

Reply June 12, 2015

[quote=wall]Me and DriveIns in the guild would be up to all helping eachother with hard mag. I don't do cra anymore, but I think he does.[/quote]

is drivelns the OP shadower?

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