Pink Bean Dojo run

Cant find Bink Pean forum so i decided to post it here.

Low quality version.

took me good 20min and finally passed.

Pink Bean has so much potential~!

Record this just in case i may miss my pink bean character later on.

August 29, 2015

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Nice! It took me longer to do when I finished it on my PB.

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[quote=meowmeow3687]2m2m no clown?[/quote]

yup 2m2m no clown

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2m2m no clown?

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Congrats! That's pretty inspiring to all the other Pink Beans out there, even though this is just a temporary class.

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I was curious about whether PBs could dojo or not, cause I hadn't seen any on the jobbed ranks in Broa.

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