What Do Think, My Evans?

For a revamp idea, I feel that Mir should be a toggle skill. When you toggle him on, he should work the way shadow partner works. That would fix our few lines issue and he sometimes gets in the way when doing things. Hahaha. I need friends...

May 19, 2015

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[quote=LuvYing]They should get rid of mir when doing jq's ;-;[/quote]

^ This

sometimes the layering of the dragon and the character gets flipped (Dragon ON the character), so it gets a little tricky to see. B>Dragon on/off switch

Reply May 23, 2015

They should get rid of mir when doing jq's ;-;

Reply May 22, 2015

Replace Mp with Onyx energy, dark fog spam for days, re-animate blaze, add new skills also more ice and lightning skills. Too much fire 7.8/10

Reply May 21, 2015

I don't like that idea... What about... doing what WH's revamp did-ish...
Fight as One!
You can attack while mounted as Mir While Mounted, some skills work differently, and the Spirit Pact grows much stronger as you become much closer, increasing Knockback Resistance to 100%, Magic Attack by 40%, Boss damage by 20%, damage reduction by 20%....
Independent thought:
Mir fights independently of Evan, while separated, Mir Attacks [and moves?] automatically while Evan uses some of his own skills, and his CTRL attack becomes a magic bolt (like Energy Ball) that does 100% damage (60% x2 in 3rd-6th growth, 80% x3 in 7th-8th, and 100% x 3 in 9th/10th growth)
These would upgrade as Mir Grows (I'M In a hurry, so, i'm listing the final bonuses for Fight as one!)
Dark Fog (used during independent thought)
Still a FMA
Dark Lightning (usable during Fight as One!)
Attacks 1 enemy with a powerful bolt of Dark Magic 15 times for 2000% damage (hits 4 targets with Dark Fog - Damage Split but cuts damage based on total number hit...)
has a cooldown of 180 seconds, shares cooldown with Dark Fog

Reply May 21, 2015

You a good guy!

Reply May 21, 2015

As long as you said more lines I approve LOOOOOOOOL

Reply May 20, 2015

[quote=sheepse]Mir can never leave you, since you sold your soul to him.[/quote]

more like you can never leave him

Reply May 20, 2015

A function where we can put Mir away and henehoe <3 <3 <3 12 hits would be too much, I would like something like Demon Slayer's hyper skill or just make it 6 times at least -_- I remember when illusion's revamp was OP when it came out with fast attack but now there are so many classes with crazy lines which make up for low %dmg. I would prefer more lines but low dmg as well.

Reply May 20, 2015

Mir can never leave you, since you sold your soul to him.

Reply May 20, 2015

How about make Illusion hit 12 lines? Add a new function where you can make Mir more prettier or make him lose weight, your friends will be envious.

Reply May 20, 2015

As a fellow Evan, I approve this message.

Reply May 20, 2015