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KMS is getting the 5th job sometime this year and they're going to remove the damage cap!


March 26, 2016

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whats the point? no one will play when theres no damage cap. Why? Some players will be hitting 600k lines. Others will hit 600M lines. Same class, same skills. 1000x difference in damage. No Thank You!

Reply March 27, 2016

tfw still can't hit cap.

Reply March 27, 2016

Within 3 days of release, this will be old news and more players will quit. Yay!

Reply March 27, 2016

curious to see wat they do to balance no cap with 5th job

Reply March 27, 2016

Sweet, I can hit bigger numbers.

Reply March 26, 2016

daus insane i lose mind

Reply March 26, 2016

no damage cap means even bigger gap between the unfunded and the funded.

Reply March 26, 2016

Oh boy, the cap that the majority of the player base can't even hit is being removed! happy days! This is truly a monumental moment in maplestory history! Surely we will be greeted with even more power creep!

I'm dying on the inside.

Reply March 26, 2016

"The developers replied that a damage cap does not make sense in RPGs and so they are planning to remove it with 5th job."
gg wp no re

Reply March 26, 2016

Why is no one talking about this?

Reply March 26, 2016

I wonder which would come first. MS2 or 5th job?
Though I've heard we would most likely not be getting MS2.

Reply March 26, 2016