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I currently don't have a laptop and I've been waiting for a good deal on one. I came across this
What do you guys think? I feel like the price to performance is really good.

Edit: Link isn't working so here's this.

April 12, 2015

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[quote=jessy0245]What do you guys think? I feel like the price to performance is really good. [/quote]

If price/performance is your primary concern, then whatever Lenovo Y-Series laptop has the best deal should be your top choice.

If you care a bit more about features and or quality, then you need to be open to other options.

I can't see or hear your across this computer monitor, so I really don't know what your heart is set upon.

Reply April 12, 2015

Why's everybody complaining about Lenovo touchpads? Mine works great. Lenovo (up until that whole adware debacle) was at the top of laptops for me. Still probably is.

Reply April 12, 2015

The touchpad on my y470p is BEYOND terrible. It overheats, singes my fingertips, is unresponsive at times, and attracts fingerprints like a mofo. Battery lie was advertised as 4 hours (was probably 3 and some change) but after 3 years of moderate use, it's at like 40 minutes LOL. Otherwise this thing is aight.

Reply April 12, 2015

I heard the Y series was pretty decent. I'm a Lenovo kid myself, but I fancy myself with the ThinkPads <3 real rugged shiez

Reply April 12, 2015

I don't know much about the laptop itself, but that price is great for what's inside it.

Reply April 12, 2015

oh i have a lenovo y50, not the touch one tho. it is a nice laptop. looks good and performs pretty well
that seems like a pretty good deal. mine was a few hundred dollars more even tho i got it on black friday but i think i chose some higher specs

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yeah das np go

Reply April 12, 2015

From what I've heard, the parts in those Lenovo laptops are really good for their price, but the build quality could be better.
Like it might attract a lot of fingerprints or heat up a lot; etc.

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[quote=QuackOutLoud][url=]l don't think we can see what you're seeing[/url][/quote]

Hmmm. I don't know.

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