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Beware of this scammer ,s43u0EQ,V81aT8o,4JUu4hs,sJamoXQ,lr6xiEx,Rwkt7X1#0 So I recently got scammed by HorrorFilms(HorrorFiims). He's a level 20x mage. He was on a "merch' character when he did it. I recorded the whole thing but the video is fairly long so I just took screen shots of the important parts. He was using the basil id of Please don't fall for his scams. Do you think Nexon would be able to do anything about this? Edit: He showed me a vouch thread on gs so he seemed legit. The deal was 7b and 25k nx for his 27 matk vip mage shield. He walked away with my mesos :~( Edit 2: Here is the conversation about him selling me the shield on basil Edit 3: Here is his id on gs along with his vouch thread

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Anyone else feel this way? Maplestory has gotten soooooooo boring the past few days. I haven't even been on. I've played on and off for a few years and it's always a giant cycle. Play maple > get bored > quit > come back. Okay, maybe not giant... but the cycle keeps going on and on. It's different crap just the same toilet. Grinding used to be the best way to level from 30-100. Now it's PQs. Nexon's logic is let's tweak a few things and people will play more and it works for some reason... I seem to have gotten off topic, sorry. But yeah, anyone else in this "cycle"?