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The four things that ruin C.O.D. 1: Campers. They're all queers. i'm not going to lie i camp once in a while but not ALL THE TIME. it's so annoying when a guy camps & kills half your team cause they're retarded. 2:Poopy Players. I hate when they're on my team & have a score of 2- 12 or something like that. I'm not saying i'm the best cause i'm not but i'm not bad. 3: Noob Tubers. Like you must suck if you have to use it cause it's cheap. point ,shoot, boom. one hit kill. like go eat a wiener you penor. 4: Non English speaking players having a headset. i'm not saying it's bad to not speak english, but it's kinda irritating not know what someone is saying. And that maplers is what ruins the fun filled game of C.O.D. I hope you all hav