Making preparations for scarlion run

As the title says, I'm making prep work for a, hopefully, near future Scarlion run.

I already have a nice stock of 200+ Ginger Ale and plan on getting some more Leaf Crystals. What else should I bring? Once I sell some more stuff, I'll probably have around 8-10 mill to work with.


October 25, 2011

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Great advice, guys! Keep it coming!

Reply October 25, 2011

Make sure your base hp is more then 3k, since the last scar hits 3k+ give or take your def.
If you have less then 3k hp get a bish to come with you so they can revive you after scar is dead.
Also make sure to have at least 2 or 3 attackers higher then 140+ because the last scar is lvl 140.
No one here mention that you have to have 6 ppl in party to start a run and all 6 must have the prequest done.
If you like i can take you on a run some time this weekend if you finish the prequest that is.

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Just look for a higher leveled party, i did not even get in scars on my hermit till 110+(Which even then it was out of people being nice and not my DPS)

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[quote=DarkDeedsxXx]Well, it depends when you plan to be doing it really. I could join you after I get another 50 levels on my Priest. [/quote]

It doesn't have to be immediately. :o I'd actually like to get Enduring Fire maxed before attempting the run. It's at 21 right now.

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