Looking for old Items in Elysium LF>Fruity Bamboo, Silver/black strap shoes, Glittering Altair Earrings, Together with Nine-tailed fox cape, Necomimi, gold surfboard/sky surfboard/snowboard, Mechanical gloves (lv 70), red/purple Markers, Fallen Leaf Earrings, Christmas Socks, Stirgeman power skirt (lv 70) Astaroth weapons/ Astaroth boots/gloves, Witch's Belts Red/Blue, Celestial earrings, Amo's Capes, Shield Earrings, tradeable horntail gach necklace, super stormcaster gloves, super zakum helmet, lunar new year hats (lefay jester/ lockewood/ herculean), Toymaker cape, Hard Hat, Snails Eye Earrings, any of the emotion masks (sad/angry/crying/smiling), Waterworks Cape, Muey Thai String, black star red starry bandana, white baseball cap, Stone


thank you, everyone About 3 months ago I attempted to make this post, and after hitting submit it failed. I lost everything I wrote. So after that I didn't bother re-typing everything out. But I kinda feel like I need to get it out there sooner rather than later. A bit shorter than what it was. I've noticed that the activity on this site has slowly been declining since Mr. Basil updated the appearance and functionality. This has really bothered me. We have lost so many frequent players, and posters, as a result of change. I mean heck, there's maybe 2 or 3 new threads a day, excluding the one kid trying to promote his music, and the other guy trying to dump other people's real life info. So I want as many of you to be able to read this, beca

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