Maplestory consistant stutter/freeze

For a long time now I've experienced an issue in maplestory that I can't seem to fix.
It seems that every 5-10 seconds maplestory will freeze up, or stutter briefly.
The issue most definitely isn't due to specs, but I can't seem to pin point what it could be. Can anyone help?

[url=] Problem looks like this[/url]

January 20, 2016

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I dont freeze that often anymore

Reply January 22, 2016

Every time I CC, 2 seconds after, ill freeze for 2 seconds.

Reply January 20, 2016

@appall: No durability gear equipped I'm afraid

@wall: Bud my leg not nexin fawlt me thinks

Reply January 20, 2016

When I used to play, I experienced this problem when using durability gear. Take it off and your good to go!

Reply January 20, 2016

its not your machine. If maple can run on a 2007 machine, it can run on anything smoothly.

Reply January 20, 2016