Looking for some items in GAZED

Currently on the lookout for the following items in GAZED:

Toymaker cape
steel pipe (doubt this will show up ever)
Silver strap shoes
Waterworks cape
Dark magenta level 123 sabre

If you, or anyone you know has these items, please contact me in game or through a message

February 7, 2016

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@c0ll3ct0r: I don't spend money on this game at all. Stop projecting that onto me. If you did that, and notice it's not worth it, that's your issue entirely. But not all collectors have had to spend real life money in order to get what they have. You can't just go around assuming that because you did it, others have too.
The money I have has come from already established means, as well as the recent in game events that have taken place.

And noobgames is right, which is weird. Buying anvils is taking the easy way out, which ultimately devalues the sense of accomplishment and achievement of actually getting the real thing.
Telling a collector to just go buy anvils is like telling an athlete to go out and buy a fake medal to make themselves feel better because they can't win a real one, so to speak.

Reply February 7, 2016