cash shop 30% off coupon issue

I tried purchasing a fusion anvil, which are 2.7k with maple points. I have 2k maple points, and with the 30% discount it brings the total down to 1.8k. Once i apply the coupon though, it tells me to select a method of payment, and none of the payment methods can be selected. Is there something I'm doing wrong here? Or can the discounted items only be bought with nx, and not maple points?

November 28, 2015

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They want you to buy NX with this "appreciation" event.

Reply November 28, 2015

You can only use coupon with NX Prepaid/Credit.

Nexon really wants you to spend $$$

Reply November 28, 2015 - edited

I believe it was confirmed in the official forums that you can't use maple points with the coupons.

Reply November 28, 2015 - edited

I don't think you can use Maple Points and the coupon together...

Reply November 28, 2015 - edited