General Dualblade

Dual Blade revamp coming Anyone else looking forward to DB's to be revamp? "Balancing. The Nova, Resistance, Heroes and the Knights of Cygnus will be equally balanced with each having their own flavor. You're probably thinking... no Adventurer balancing? Nope. The Adventurers will be completely revamped. This gives me a bit of hope for my Viper (Buccaneer) character. They have shown the new illustrations of the Adventurers that replaces the old. The [b]Dual Blader[/b] & Cannon Shooter being the special adventurers will also receive special treatment and become more powerful."

General Xenon

Complete Xenon Guide [header]Complete Xenon Guide[/header] Welcome to my guide for Xenon. Hope you enjoy the guide and please leave any suggestions / thoughts in the comments below. If you like the guide press the like button. [header]Table of Contents[/header] I: Xenon Basics II: Xenon Pros III: Xenon Cons IV: Beginner Skills V: 1st Job Skills & Build VI: 2nd Job Skills & Build VII: 3rd Job Skills & Build VIII: 4th Job Skills & Build IX: Hyper Skills X: Training Locations [header]I: Xenon's Basics[/header] As a child,you see Xenon playing with the future Resistance instructors. Gelimer kidnaps him and experiments on him for many years, turning him into an android. Moving forward into present time, Xenon is fully completed a

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