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I havent played in about 2 years are there new training areas for 160-200 i need to lvl my WA

January 21, 2017

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@beefly: ddi they remove the party zones? if so are we reduced to kill mobs by the thousands like the old days

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Always do your daily 2 monster park runs, and if you can do Kenta's PQ it's still good even at lv180.

You can start at ToT, I usually start at lv140 and to the entire questline till 170ish.
And then at lv170 I groan because I have to train at Knight Stronghold, also at ToT. (Any Chamber or Hall of Honor)
Then at lv180+ I train at whatever's close to my level at Twilight Perion.

I don't know after that though, my guess is the Scrapyard is next.

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