Psp Rpg games

Looking for a decent list of psp rpg games to play all post will be greatly appreciated

July 17, 2015

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@silentleaf55 @daigeko already played mh2, mhfu and mh3p for the psp also played god eater when it first came out so i know the plot @sagat231 alot of my older sites are dead so im using emuparadise at the moment

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Besides Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, there's also God Eater Burst (technically localized as God[b]s[/b] Eater Burst lol). However, despite that odd localization, the "s" in "Gods" is completely silent when characters say "God," despite the subtitles having it plural. A bit confusing, but yeah... (Though in Project X Zone, a 3DS game, they poke fun at this the moment Soma and Alisa are introduced with Vashyron)

Also, playing GEB will help you understand the anime adaptation a bit more. It also has a good dub cast from Bang!Zoom Entertainment, and if the anime gets dubbed, hopefully it's by them again.

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FF Crisis Core
FF Tactics
Jeanne d'Arc
Monster Hunter

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Trails in the sky.
Persona 3 portable. <<<<Best rpg.

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Where do you download these?

Also, I liked Valhalla Knights 2, but that's really the only rpg I played in psp.

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already downloaded the last 3 you mention i'll get the others anything else?
the legend of heroes games are on my list and sadly i never finished trigger but i will grab both of them, got anything else?

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Tactics Ogre Let us Cling Together
Disgaea 2
Half Minute Hero
Hexyz Force
Valkyrie Profile
Star Ocean 1/2

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