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So yea I was wondering how you guys do dream defender as I am really having a hard time with it.

July 26, 2017

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I find it better to just go through each room with at least one summon. As of now I'm probably not gonna go beyond floor 40, so I'm just sitting at 30 and just leaving at floor 31. I plop Li'l Fort and use Fishy Slap/Furious Strikes until the room is cleansed, rinse and repeat. If I use Cub Cavalry, I don't bother using Li'l Fort. Majestic Trumpet doesn't seem worth casting IMO, but that's probably because I have my nodes almost maxed out in the other skills. I think it's better to fully cleanse a room than to slowly work on multiple rooms since most of the "cleansing" progress depends on whether you finish a room or not.

One little tip I can offer is that the little wooden post with the arrow sign next to the phonograph lets you teleport to the portal on the platform, so I try to put Li'l Fort between the post and the phonograph and use my main attacking skill right on top of the post so I can teleport instantly once I've finished a room.

I guess you can also activate Bro Attack from Lai and use the right click trick to maintain the buff while in bear, since there are a lot of mobs in Dream Defender.

I really don't like this minigame since it seems to be much more based on your damage. I have no idea whether Arcane Force is actually applicable in the dungeon since the indicator that usually tells you how much AF you need for a map isn't there within the map.

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@yiffyfurry yea it is a big help.
As of now I use this trick until stage 10. I basically put lil fort in the top room where he should be clearing for around 2 min until I need to resummon him. The left room will have thrumpet clearing the room which should last around 30 sec. As for the bottom ,middle and right room I will be rotating those rooms myself and use fishy slap and cub calvary. If both are on cd I will use furious strikes as a filler.
From stage 11 till stage 25 i have to put both lil fort and thrumpet in 1 room because each of them on their own can't clear rooms fast enough. So that leaves me with 4 rooms to rotate to instead of 3 rooms from 1 stage to 10 stage. This is manageable until stage 25 where the chaos will kick in and it goes downhill until the sad boxes take over. I'm using rope lift btw to speed up moving between rooms. and I have tried leopard but it just doesn't work in dream defender because of the positioning of the mobs and room layout. So I was wondering if anyone has some tips or suggestions ? or if someone is doing it a totally different way ? oh and cub calvary seems to bugg out sometimes if you cast it too fast when changing rooms, it will just not trigger but will go on cd.

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Honestly, i'm only 215 if i had to guess, i'd say cub calvary is a big help.

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