Dex doing something different

So, I was thinking of something while on the train (right after watching a BM solo Pap, for some reason). You know how SE is increases Crit%? How the hell does a skill called "Sharp Eyes" increase your Crit rate? I mean, just because you can [i]see[/i] an enemies weak point, doesn't mean you can increase your chances of hitting the critical mark. You need Dexterity! So, wouldn't it be cool if Dex affected crit%? Particularly for the Archer update, but for Scorsairs (and other classes that use Dex, of course) as well! Like, for every 100 Dex you have, your crit% would go up by 1%? Something like that.

April 13, 2011

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its like you got a wound and i punch your it there. i will hurt more than regular area.

Reply April 13, 2011