Dark Mage Classes

In some future patch, some of the adventurers should team up with the Black Mage. Like, you can get a skill instead of another by being a "Dark" BowMaster, or whatever. or even better yet, some of the Adventurer classes passively siding with the Black Mage. Like Warriors and Pirates and DBs can be Evil. It would add another dimension, cause it seems like Nexon likes changing up everything I once held dear. (Yes, I know it's like Alliance vs Horde (even though I know nothing about WoW))
Holy Crap, I've been thinking of Yugioh with my title. It should be Black* Mage =-=

January 11, 2011

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I agree that they should add "dark" and "light" classes. It would have been a great twist in the game if they had added it with pvp. You could be given the option to choose between dark and light at like level 50 and each side could gain unique skills as you level up.

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dark knights should be evil.

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Evan quests have a tendency to help the black mage, the black mage came from edelstein (if you read the thing on so battlemages are affiliated with darkness i.e. they are already dark mages, db's are considered evil due to the smirtched past of killing the old dark lord along with their painfully obvious dark styled moves (flying assaulter, black/purple flash jump etc.), thieves also have a tendancy to have dark moves but yeah it would be awesome to have a dark bowman or pirate in the mix

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[quote=Armadillo]Isnt that kinda what the Chaos patch is or seomthing?[/quote]
In Chaos, only CKs turn evil. This is on a grander scale.

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[quote=StoneSpoon]I say the Cygnus Knights would turn evil if anything, seeing as how the Black Mage stole all of their souls.[/quote]

They do turn evil with the Chaos patch.

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Nooo we're already the dark mage class we don't want any bishop/priest/cleric f3

Edit: Battle Mages are already dark!

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