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Are you mean? Do you think you're a mean person? When you're mean, did you intend to be? Just wondering:) I like to think I'm a nice person and I'll actually mull over anything I did or said that could be considered mean. I used to hate myself for not being a good person, because sometimes I'd be a little mean to someone without meaning to. But then I got screwed over by anyone who didn't care about being mean, so now I try to be as nice as possible, but assertive when I need to be? I just want to be a good enough person that people don't have anything bad to say about me behind my back. :/ Update: I just thought of this. I'm not mean until I'm pushed to my limit. Even then, I'll try my hardest to be as kind as I can possibly be.

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calling all iphone 5 users So I figured I'd make a thread and tell you about this, because I just found out about it from my mom who read it in some chinese newspaper, BUT BASICALLY. [b]If you are having problems with your power button and battery,[/b] (i.e. short battery life and the button doesn't work) take it into an apple store and have them check it out. They're doing a program right now to replace the button or battery if you qualify. It was a huge manufacturer error and it's for the phones sold between around Sept ~ Jan when the iPhone 5 first came out! For the button, they send away your phone, give you a loaner and replace your button/battery. For the battery, they will order a battery and replace it immediately in store. Good luc

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Recommend me some tv shows? Please, please recommend me some shows that have ended. I'll probably end up binge watching and it bothers me to no end when I have to wait for the next episode. Shows I've watched in the past and loved: -Bones -Fringe -Grey's Anatomy -How I Met Your Mother -Gossip Girl -Terra nova, Nine Lives of ChIoe King (these were cancelled :C) (why is ChIoe a banned word?) Keep in mind that I'm a teenage girl, but I'm open to anything. I'm trying to start House right now, but after finishing Grey's I'm not super into starting a new hospital show. I might start Suits, Veronica Mars, or One Tree Hill, but I don't know if I'll like them. :/ ((I've also watched Vampire Diaries, 90210, Once Upon a Time, Breaking Bad, AHS, Supern


Mystery Mastery Book? Okay so I have to say first off I might be doing it wrong because I've never used these before. So I bought a 30 mastery book thing from the henesys pot shop (cost me 10m ugh) And I'm double clicking it, but it says "Either you haven't learned any 4th job skills or you don't have any skills to use a book on. Check again." I'm a level 161 evan with level 10 maple warrior. It's a skill can get to level 30, can it not? I have the 20 skill points. Am I doing something wrong? This is so frustrating >.<

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Favorite hairs and faces? Male and female:) Lemme know! Sorry if someone already made a thread like this, I haven't seen one though these are mine Male: hair - bubble, wolf tail, lop ear, wild tangles, prince, waxed, sweet kitty face - puppy, distant, marble, innocent Female: hair - nymph, siren, lop ear c:, eternal wind, mermaid, shaggy bobbed, bleached pony, sonara, jean face - pure gaze, timid, elegant lady (bc it's got the BEST emotes and the neutral face looks so cute too), wounded

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