Translation of second V Job Skills

***Common Skills***
---All jobs - Decent Holy Symbol

---Explorer Warrior Jobs - Blitz Shield (Summon a shield through a realization of your vitality. You can also blow up the shield for further damage)

---Explorer Mage Jobs - Unstable Memorize (Use your memories to remember the last skill you used. As you are relying on your memories, this skill is very unstable)

---Explorer Bowman Jobs - Evolve (Strengthen your summons through mysterious strength)

---Explorer Thief Jobs - Ultimate Dark Sight (Through mastering your stealth, you can use skills while in Dark Sight for a certain time)

---Explorer Pirate Jobs - Pirate Flag (Plant the courageous pirate flag to raise your teammates' morale)

---Cygnus Jobs - Cygnus Phalanx (Call upon the mighty Cygnus army that advances forward to push enemies)

---Heroes - Blessing of Freud (Use the strength left by your friend, Freud)

---Demons - Call Mastema (Summon your loyal servant Mastema)

---Resistance Jobs - Resistance Line Infantry (Summon the Resistance Infantry that aids you with long range guns)

---Nova - Pantheon (Borrow the power of the God, Pantheon, and through his blessing, punish your foes)

***Individual Skills***

---Hero - Combo Death Fault[?] (Slash your enemy with your sword that is condensed with the power of the combo counter)

---Paladin - Blessed Hammer (Summon a blessed hammer and attack the nearest foes)

---Dark Knight - Beholder Impact (Beholder reveals his true strength and attacks nearby enemies)

---Mihile - Klau Solas[?] (Focus your soul shield's power and summon the legendary sword of light to attack your foes)

---Dawn Warrior - Elysion (Send your foes to Elysion, a place that separates the living and the dead)

---Aran - Brandish Maha (Use Maha's strength and draw[?] a devastating circle)

---Demon Slayer - JÇ«rmungandr (Use your force to summon a dragon of the underworld)

---Demon Avenger - Blood Fist (Condense the blood of the demons and blast your enemies with an explosion)

---Blaster - Balkan Punch[?] (Throw many punches in front of you)

---Kaiser - Will of Sword : Strike (After attacking enemies with the Will of Sword, it will be planted in the ground with an eruption of flames to burn your enemies)

---Zero - Joint Attack (Alpha and Beta combos an enemy)

---F/P Mage - Poison Nova (Send your poison clouds flying through various directions to attack enemies)

---I/L Mage - Thunder Break (Attack your enemies with an advancing wall of thunder)

---Bishop - Angel of Livra[?] (Having both charity and a hunger for vengeance, summon the angel of balance)

---Blaze Wizard - Flame Discharge (Collect the flames and release the true power of the god of fire)

---Evan - Dragon Break (Mir devastates his foes using his mighty "body"))

---Evan - Imperial Breath (Mir resounds with Evan during Dragon Break to send forth many different elemental powers)

---Evan - Break : Return! (Mir ends his attack and returns to Evan. Using the power of Break : Return!, Evan summons an area that deals damage to nearby enemies)

---Luminous - Finishing Resonator (Summon a Magic Circle that resounds with both light and darkness)

---Battle Mage - Black Mage Altar (Plant an altar to the Black Mage. If 2 or more is installed, the altars will activate and curse nearby enemies)

---Kinesis - Ultimate : Moving Matter (Summon a matter that can be moved by telekinetic force)
---Bowmaster - Poem of a Relic[?] (TRANSLATION NEEDED)

---Marksman - Split Arrow (Focus mysterious power into your arrows and shoot at your enemies to make the arrows split into countless other arrows)

---Wind Archer - Idle Whim (Awaken the sleeping wind spirit)

---Mercedes - Sylphidia[?] (Ride the king of unicorns, Sylphidia, to battle)

---Wild Hunter - Jaguar Maximum (Congest and release the Wildness of your jaguar)

---Night Lord - Fuhma Shuriken (Throw a shuriken that was once used by the ancient thieves)

---Shadower - Incision (Counterattack an enemy by going behind them after their attack)

---Dual Blade - Karma Fury (Use the power of the god of karma to attack nearby enemeis)

---Night Walker - Shadow Servant Extend (Summon another shadow that is fixed in place to replicate your skills)

---Phantom - Blackjack (Throw an ominous card at your enemies)

---Xenon - Overload Mode (Overload your energy cores and exceed the limits of your maximum energy)

---Brawler - Serpent Screw (Take the energy of a water dragon which was once sleeping in the dangerous waters and attack nearby enemies)

---Gunslinger - Deadeye (Aim with focus onto an enemy and fire after pulling out an another gun)

---Cannoneer - ICBM (Fire missiles at a high angle and attack enemies in a large area)

---Thunder Breaker - [?] (Send forth a shark's energy and attack multiple enemies)

---Shade - Spirit Door [?] (Produce an area where spirits are summoned)

---Mechanic - Micro Missile Container (Bring out a container that shoots many micro missiles)

---Angelic Buster - Spotlight (Install a spotlight that only follows a true superstar)

December 15, 2016

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@misterpang: o_e I'm sure not being able to use ooparts is a bug.. hopefully..

Reply December 16, 2016


You either get a pretty big AOE skill or another Angelic Buster copy pasta XDDDD

Reply December 15, 2016

@kaxi: that looks cool but i couldnt find videos

Reply December 15, 2016


Passive - Collect up to 9 flames from enemies that have ignition on them

Active - MP Cost : 800 (Requires at least 4 flames)

Fire Lion - Deal 1000% damage + 15 % final damage per flame (starting from the limit, so if you have 5 flames collected and you use this skill, you only get +15% more damage) to 15 enemies for 8 times

Flame Fox - Create 4 fox spirits[?] that randomly attacks up to 4 enemies. Each fox spirit deals 250% damage and "reproduces 7 more times"[?]. reproduce 1 more time per flame that you have collected starting from the limit.

Cooldown 25 seconds.

Reply December 15, 2016 - edited

anyone know what the bw skill does? or has a link

Reply December 15, 2016 - edited

they brought back avenger for nls !

Reply December 15, 2016 - edited

@volpi: @kaxi: KMS players are salty because you are not able to use ooparts code while the skill is active. Therefore, players are forced to do amaranth generator -> ooparts code -> overload mode. By the time the surplus energy reaches 40, you're almost out of mp and there will only be 1 or 2 seconds left in ooparts code (for players with 50% buff duration + other % duration bonuses around 6~7 seconds of ooparts left by the time energy reaches 40). In other words, it forces players to not use ooparts code.

Comparing damage wise, overload mode with 40 surplus energy and no ooparts code is only slighty better than ooparts code and no overload mode. The fact that overload mode eats away so much mp is also tedious and tricky. Lastly, the skill is kind of crappy since it's not 20% damage throughout the whole buff (it starts at 1% and gradually reaches 20%).

Reply December 15, 2016 - edited

least you guys aren't getting 100% gutted and unplayable.

Reply December 15, 2016 - edited

@kaxi: Lol wouldn't doubt it tbh.

Reply December 15, 2016 - edited

@volpi: Through looking around I believe KMS players are a bit salty about something about Overload mode. Not sure what it is but there seems to be a slap in the face with the skill. Guess we'll wait and see.

Reply December 15, 2016 - edited

@star909: That's good! Do you know how it works with Amaranth Generator? Will it fully restore to 40? If so that's pretty handy.

Reply December 15, 2016 - edited

@volpi: It's a toggle skill anyways (for now...)

Reply December 15, 2016 - edited

~looks at mech~ D': nexon hates mechs again?

Reply December 15, 2016 - edited

Apparently theres a huge buff to phantoms this patch. They get a bunch of final damage from Cane Expert and piercing vision. They kind of changed cross surge to be only 20% final damage but now gives DrK's a 50% final damage passive.

Reply December 15, 2016 - edited

Night lords got avenger back

Reply December 15, 2016 - edited

Oh joy, Xenons get ANOTHER buff cast, cause you know our like chain of 10?+ buffs wasn't enough :^ ))))
Edit: After seeing it in action, figured it was only like an extra 5 surplus... but wow 20 is actually really good O__o

Reply December 15, 2016 - edited

I don't have enough keys for all of this.

Reply December 15, 2016 - edited

@kaxi: May maha be with you

Reply December 15, 2016 - edited

@xtagg: i am lol

Reply December 15, 2016 - edited

@imaclubyou: At least we're not Wild Hunter

Reply December 15, 2016 - edited

@pentakiruuu: more like a dust devil that you see whirling in a childs playground.

Reply December 15, 2016 - edited

I guess us Arans will take what we can get.

Reply December 15, 2016 - edited

Wow I have no life

Reply December 15, 2016 - edited

The mage one sounds fun, hope it's some sort of "copy your last spell" type of thing

Reply December 15, 2016 - edited