Resistance Link Skill Glitched?

I can see my blaster and wild hunter link skills, but I can't seem to find battle mage and mechanic's link skills. I really need the level 9 resistance link skill for the 9 second invincibility in HMag and if anyone could enlighten me why it's bugged that would be very helpful.

One thing to note, I have accepted the link skill quests in both my glitched characters; BaM, Mech, and Blaster is level 120 while my Wild Hunter is 210+.

Yes, googling resulted in zero helpful searches

January 16, 2017

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@ecarina: yea, evan link is well known. Everyone pretty much knows its bugged, however, no one seems to know the problem with resistance link skill. I was just wondering if it's just me that's glitched or if a lot of others have it glitched as well.


Reply January 16, 2017

I just checked mine and all 4 links are there, ready to be transferred. The only one that's missing is my Evan link.

Reply January 16, 2017

@gakinotsukai: I know of couple of people that have all the resistance links, and it also looks like this glitch isn't well-known yet. I have 5 seconds of invincibility because of my 210 Wild Hunter, but because Wild Hunter has like 6 billion things to set up and 6 billion buffs, I need that 9 second invincibility to do HMag. (((


Reply January 16, 2017
GakiNoTsukai - not sure if this is yours, but someone posted about it on the official. Of course no response. I also leveled a BaM to 120 yesterday and the link skill doesn't show up either. So at best, looks like 4s of invuln.

Reply January 16, 2017