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Translation of second V Job Skills ***Common Skills*** ---All jobs - Decent Holy Symbol ---Explorer Warrior Jobs - Blitz Shield (Summon a shield through a realization of your vitality. You can also blow up the shield for further damage) ---Explorer Mage Jobs - Unstable Memorize (Use your memories to remember the last skill you used. As you are relying on your memories, this skill is very unstable) ---Explorer Bowman Jobs - Evolve (Strengthen your summons through mysterious strength) ---Explorer Thief Jobs - Ultimate Dark Sight (Through mastering your stealth, you can use skills while in Dark Sight for a certain time) ---Explorer Pirate Jobs - Pirate Flag (Plant the courageous pirate flag to raise your teammates' morale) ---Cygnus Jobs - Cyg


Resistance Link Skill Glitched? I can see my blaster and wild hunter link skills, but I can't seem to find battle mage and mechanic's link skills. I really need the level 9 resistance link skill for the 9 second invincibility in HMag and if anyone could enlighten me why it's bugged that would be very helpful. One thing to note, I have accepted the link skill quests in both my glitched characters; BaM, Mech, and Blaster is level 120 while my Wild Hunter is 210+. Yes, googling resulted in zero helpful searches :/


DPM changes to the current DPM chart Through the recent Tespia patch, some jobs got nerfed and some jobs got buffed. *This is measured without the new 5th job skills* Current DPM chart : [NERFED] Night Lord - 12818788.28% [NERFED] Cannon Shooter - 11103055.96% [NERFED] Striker (Thunder Breaker) - 10928079.32% [NERFED] Blaze Wizard - 10711982.64% [NERFED] Zero - 10487989.52% [NERFED] Dark Knight - 10385927.95% [BUFFED] Viper (Brawler) - 10341169.13% [BUFFED] Bowmaster - 10084276.33% [BUFFED] Wild Hunter - 9627549.02% Credits :;category=999&divpage=8&no=517736

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