some sad stuff on my mind hey guys did you know something very important alot and yeah im sad ok i said it i love you still but do you? how is it even does it work? im not even sure how they work in elevators? like what happens if it gets stuck and people run over by lightnings and get alot of sweat and seas spit them out because they are too salty, because sweat is salty you know? im sorry but im just unsure how are they even happy about themselves doing such things, i mean, i wouldnt.. only sociopaths/psychopaths/antisocial pd's can feel not guilty when doing lots of push ups and sweating alot like in sweaters and such big clothing like an airplane they fly all over the supermarket. im confused, i swear, i dont know what to eat right now

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hi all important Maybe you are not guilty I'm special , but I'm not guilty. I hate to hear you call me poor and if you hold back and not say it in your mouth, I feel very well what you think .I really special but I'm not stupid. Anyone who thinks that if he move away from me I will be less in his life, who thinks this is stupid ! What does he think, if my head has less sense than having his head so I have no right ? Well just say that I have no rights, what rights I have no opinion? Perhaps I have no right to exist ? He has nothing to worry about , just like I came into the world without ask me if I want to be here with him and like him , I 'll go here one day , perhaps long before him and maybe a lot behind. If the world belongs to the wis

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