174 bug fixes Changes and Updates: MapleStory will be updated to v.174. Check out the patch notes coming soon! The tool tip will no longer be cutoff when a pet has more than 3 extra skills. The 'Sweetness' and 'Smoochies' expressions will now work properly on the female 'Sparkling Face' and the female 'Teary-Eyed Face'. The Phantom ability 'Judgement Draw' will now activate correctly when using the skill 'Tempest'. The Maple Treasure Two-Handed Axe will now count towards the Maple Treasure Set. The damage lines for the Nine-Tailed Fox Damage Skin will now display correctly. The dialogue for the NPC Michaela will now correctly direct players to the Party Quest Entrance in the quest 'Find Xerxes'. A minor display issue with the Alchemist Hat


Boss ideas Well it's 3am and I can't sleep so I'm just thinking of how bosses can be more fun. As of now, I find the CRA boss mechanics to be the most fun, especially pierre. Most bosses are like sitting ducks. You just do damage and they die. The only ones that require control are cra bosses (queen not really though...)/lotus/(maybe ursus idk)/magnus (I guess dodging rocks count). Even gollux is like faceroll :/ The eyes are only hard if you're melee. So my idea is a boss like the size of cZak, it can be whoever that comes out for the story in the future. Your damage will be nerfed to 1000 or some low integer. The boss has this shield around it with a small opening that constantly moves around. For this boss, the party leader will be given

General Phantom

Skills to Steal for Phantoms for bossing Hi everyone. I still see people asking about what skills to steal, so I bought a dummy from dojo and ran the battle analysis for a bunch of skills. I'm not super funded, so I'm not going to look at HPS but rather DPS. Here are the results. Buffs Used are standard phantom buffs with DSE to make 100% crit. Only the skills with final cut hits cap damage. Damage range is a bit above 2m-2m not including Cross Surge. I ran the tests the following ways: Each one is for 30 seconds since platter lasts for 30. Each skill is done using milles and repeated using milles + tempest. First Job: Doesn't affect DPS Second Job: Channel karma or Rage, does basically the same thing. Third Job: Surge. Nothing else. 80% da

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