Society accepting obesity

This is just my opinion, so you don't need to write "why do you care?" or "no one cares about your opinion"

Recently, I've been seeing a lot of articles, videos, etc.. on the internet about obese people being comfortable in their skin. Why?.. Why is society accepting these people, it's not beautiful. I know I sound very mean, but it really doesn't look good. I understand some people can't lose weight because of medical issues, but lazy people should not be glorified. If someone is obese and they need to lose weight, encouraging them to think it looks good will just stop them from trying to lose weight.

December 28, 2015

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dont worry natural selection will take place

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> can't lose weight because of medical issues,

Being obese is a medical issue...

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Once something becomes widespread enough, people will accept it.

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@windowlegs: They were white walruses

@pacifist: I definitely do not support obesity and think in most cases they are being lazy, BUT I don't think they should be put down or made fun of. I think being supportive to lose weight is the best thing to do. Don't be supportive to them by telling them they don't need to lose weight but don't make fun of someone who's struggling

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it's important to be comfortable and positive in your own body, regardless of size and height

but i agree, being obese is nothing to glorify. though that isn't a legitimate reason to put someone down or remind them of their obesity. don't put someone down for their weight, obviously

just respect people's body issues and don't make rude comments and we're all good. everyone can learn a thing or two from each other

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fat acceptance is the cancer that is ruining north america more and more
@kevqn: crab bucket effect, people would rather someone stay worse than them in order for them to feel better, and at the same time it comes off as sympathy and being nice

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@kevqn: were they white knights or fellow whales?

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@dadadada: I don't judge anyone, if someone wants to be obese, that's their problem. I just don't want anyone to say being overweight is fine to my family/friends. I can give you a good example that I saw last week on Facebook. I saw some post about the girls that was obese and wanted to change, and the top comment that had over a thousand likes was "You don't need to change the way you are, you look beautiful." ....She wanted to lose weight and over a thousand people just told her she didn't need to. She said she was 5'6 and weighed like 250lbs.

@xdarkshynobi: You should be very proud of yourself for attempting to change yourself for the better, I know I am.

@trumanb: I agree with everything you said 100%

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i've considered becoming morbidly obese before just so i could drive the scooters in stores and not have fatties get mad at me for using a scooter when i don't need 1


i happily welcome fat people. makes people that are in shape look even better

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fat people and weak minded people do not want to think for themselves. so they just accept the viewpoint of the nearest person. *White Knights RISE up*

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I think this is just a movement gone wrong.

Usually when people try to stick to healthy habits they tend to compare themselves to others. Comparing yourself to someone worse than yourself usually temporarily boosts self-esteem but tends to make you complacent. However, comparing yourself to someone better than yourself tends to motivate one to take action. The catch is that this usually only works if you already have high self-esteem.

This movement was probably to boost the self-esteem of the obese so that they would take action. I'm assuming a lot of the obese probably do have low self esteem.

There's also a lot of other barriers like financial barriers, low health literacy (understanding what it takes to lose weight and keep it off), time, and support.

What might have happened with this movement was it might have unitied a lot of fat people together and now they don't feel so alone, so they became more complacent. "well, at least i'm not as fat as bob".

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It's not that we should tell people "You're beautiful even if you're fat" It's we should teach that there's more important things than how you look. That said, yeah, being overly fat isn't attractive. But what people eat or weigh isn't my business

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I actually some-what disagree with this movement...
First of all, before you read any further, this doesn't mean non-supporters should be shaming and telling someone to go lose weight. There ARE individuals who are happy with their choices. However, to the movement supporters, don't go converting those who want to live healthy to stay fat. Note: there are things i say that are going to contrast with the above... but I'm too lazy to argue it to fit my perspective lol.

On to the movement.

Telling them "everyone is beautiful" is fine. Though, I also disagree with that statement. My cousin is ugly as S*** physically (not saying no one else finds him attractive though), BUT he's probably one of the nicest guys I know... so he's beautiful on the inside... I know... it sounds cheesy. Anyways, point is, there's difference in sizes, so obviously there's going to be difference in opinions with what is "beautiful", if I truly found everyone beautiful, physically, there wouldn't be that "special person", I'd be banging whoever is a female... just like other animals. Btw, to the above statement I was talking about, I'm not basic, I don't say "I love you" or "You're my best friend" to just whoever. People who do say that, are likely the ones promoting this.

Now then, the part I dislike about this movement. People are beginning to, basically, encourage obesity; opposite of promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. This is not good.

I'm not Miss.Universe, I'm not going to say I love everything, I'm not going to sugar coat it (otherwise they will only get fatter and live a less healthy lifestyle...). There are parts of this movement that are good, like encouraging obese individuals to stay strong mentally, but there's also the negative part I mentioned earlier. If you're obese, you shouldn't adjust your mind and actually try and stay obese. Regardless of your weight, you should be trying to change and stay healthy.

If you want to ignore me and stay the way you are, fine. Because in all honesty, I don't really care. That's the mentally that has been promoted into first world societies: "I don't care what other people say". I'm not here to tell you what do with your life, I'm sure there are individuals in your life that care about your health that want you to live longer, and are nagging you already.

Just know, while, everyday, you're enjoying your three meals.... with snacks in-between and are complaining about the social inconveniences you receive, there are people in fourth and fifth world countries hoping to survive with one small meal a day.

Perhaps, the world just wants to get rid of the alcoholics, drug users, the unfit, etc, faster...
Survival of the fittest?

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there are VERY few glorifying obesity. The movement is saying that you should not shame a fat person because that is counter intuitive. Most people can agree that shaming a fat person does not cause them to lose weight or increases the likely hood of losing weight. I think the movement is to empowers overweight people so they would be more confident. A confident fat person is more likely to be in a gym than hiding at home.

I think people like you are the reason this movement exists. We ALL know that being fat is not attractive. There is no need to state it. You are saying we should not accept them because they're fat. That is being mean. Also please provide some examples of the article of people glorifying obesity, maybe that will clear things up.

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When I was fat I actually got a lot of encouragement to change my lifestyle. I'm sure the idea is to put a positive thought into their mind that everyone can be beautiful. I get a lot of encouragement now to keep aiming towards getting a 6pack. From people who are drop dead models. 6'3 220 6pack. Not to mention females you know 5'4 130 lbs, then theirs me 183 lbs 5'7.

I barely got anything to brag about maybe a nice back or lol my 4 pack in good lighting(flexing). Honestly when I see someone fat I really just look at them. No words just give them some attention because when I was fat no one really gave me a second glance.

I am in no position to pass judgement on those who are happy with their life. It is hard, getting used to this attention. What is really hard though is ignoring all the nasty words people say. While I was running lifting & beating myself up.

Even now I get the police called on me for being loud or suspicious activity, but then there are people, kids especially who don't know how hard it is to work for something watch me train for 2hrs. Also when teenagers tell me they want to be like me when I am running with 90 lbs on my back. I don't even know them either.

I was always used to being considered "fat", "ugly", & a "loser". Even now when I look in the mirror all I can see is this man who is tired all the time. This man who is lonely. This man who is fat. So I try not to judge myself. *cough*

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