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For all the people that remember me making many threads about obesity, I finally found a video that takes my exact thoughts and puts it into words. I just really wanted to share this video with you guys and wanted to know what you think. IMO, if you disagree with this video you're most likely overweight and need to open your damn eyes.

January 3, 2016

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@sirkibblex2: he should work on his language - swear after swear after swear lol

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@zoneflare4: Idk, this guy's got some mental issues so he might implode

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"ohh well he hurt my feelings-

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@kevqn: Uh I was joking =D, but it was a sub dedicated for shaming/hating/making fun of large individuals. Usually individuals riding in scooters, typical feminist, and 300 pound women who tried to take pictures at weird angles to seduce men into dates. That kind of stuff. Was kind of funny but I think they took it too far and reddit mods ended up having to ban whale hunting on the site when it blew up. There was a lot of backlash and controversy, and the reddit Ceo had to step down.

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wonder what this guy would do if he saw two people laughing at an obese person working on a treadmill at the gym.

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I miss fph. Why did it have to be banned?

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Make some Vegan Gains ðŸ'ª

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honeybooboo dont care

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I came here only because I wanted to confirm that you were in fact OP. For a dude that's not fat you're way too obsessed with obesity.

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@sezbeth: "As we can see here, this lifted pickup is a natural indicator of a large package. Numerous studies have shown that when a man with low self-esteem purchases and drives a lifted pickup, they alter the space-time continuum and make it so they have always had an incredibly huge johnson."

@sirkibblex2 I went from 210 lbs. to 185 in the past two years, for no reason.

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In this video, we observe homo neanderthalensis in its natural environment, which is likely a jeep or an unnecessarily large vehicle of sorts. Neanderthalensis will typically make loud grunts along with their tertiary mating traits (said unnecessarily large vehicle) in order to compensate for what potential female companions may describe as a less-than par reproductive organ.

Though farther back along the evolutionary change as opposed to their modern homo sapien counterparts, we can often observe what may be relatively close descendants of homo neanderthalensis among the homo sapiens, possibly as a result of successful interbreeding with some of the less neurologically developed sapiens whom are more likely to be swayed by the neanderthalensis' grunting.

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