For those of you who have been living under a rock, many people are upset about the Oscars having no black nominees. I do agree there are issues with race in this country, but these people are really reaching for issues that aren't even there... There were no black actors this year that deserved it, it has nothing to do with race. I don't get why everything has to be about race now. Only one movie was worth getting an Oscar with a black person in it, and it was Beast of No Nation, but that was a Netflix movie and it wasn't popular enough at all. The problem is that blacks don't get the parts for big movie roles, it has nothing to do with the Oscars. Why boycott the Oscars? I swear everyone in this country is becoming more and more pathetic when it comes to getting their feelings hurt and I have to watch what I say more and more so I don't hurt people's feelings

January 24, 2016

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I hate how they start talking about that on the news every morning.

It's like.. pls show something more relevant instead, jeez. I'd rather see pictures of the snow in Washington than some silly people talking about an award show i've never watched.

Fudge Oscars. Just give a bloody useless statue to the people with skill and y'know, the ones that deserve it without paying attention to what color they are. Diversify casts and pick different kinds of people for major roles and then give them statues at the end of the year jeez. Fudge it all. :C

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@fradddd: Thank you, I'll be using that a lot

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I don't care about them.
I just want an Asian to win.

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All you need to know:

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@alwaysthere: I hate the race drama because I'm white, I can't say anything without sounding like a racist. Seems like white people are more oppressed than any other races these days

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Man I love all this race drama. These so called "progressives" have nothing else better to do than complain about some stupid award show that hands out stupid statues to rich people.

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