When will Reboot be released?

I haven't played MS in a very long time, but I saw the Reboot trailer on my FB newsfeed and I definitely want to play it with my friends. I couldn't find a release date for it, maybe one of you guys know? I know GMS is a certain amount of months behind KMS so maybe someone knows the answer. Thanks

November 24, 2015

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So excited. One week away! I think I can hold off on MS until then lol

Reply November 25, 2015

So basically it is coming out next week.

Reply November 24, 2015

^Wrong In some parts. It is a Wednesday though.

December 2nd. The Facebook post says "Join us on December 2nd." lol.

This is going to be awesome.

Reply November 24, 2015 - edited

Patches hit on Wednesdays and considering the teaser was released yesterday I would assume the patch to hit in 2 weeks, that would make it 9 Dec.

Reply November 24, 2015 - edited