Are these items still relevant? P/C

So I haven't played Maplestory in probably close to a year, but I logged on because I'm going to be playing the reboot world. I know the items change so rapidly and become more and more OP, so I don't know if these items are worth anything. I wanted to know a price range for these items if you guys know, thanks

The Immortal Pharaoh Belt - 30% Str + 4% all stat neb + 18 wep attack (Legendary)
Eagle Eye Warrior - 21% str + 7 wep att (Legendary)
Chaos Horntail Necklace - 15% all stat (Legendary)
Gold Emerald Earrings - 21 wep att + 9% str (Unique)
Spectrum Goggles - 14% Str (Unique)
Wolf Underling Familiar

I have a bunch of chairs too :

Also ,what's the NX rate in Windia? Thanks for the answers

November 30, 2015

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All I know is that the Warrior top is still endgame gear and the Wolf Familiar is worth around 8-9b currently. The belt, necklace, earrings, and goggles are pretty decent, but are now heavily outclassed by Tyrant and Gollux. Your belt is probably the best out of those, however. I'd probably price it at around 3-4b? I'm not entirely sure.

The NX rate seems to be around 1:120-130 from when I lasted dealt with it.

Reply November 30, 2015