kevqn #General Talk


Pc for Kevqn please So I haven't been on Maplestory in many months and I decided to log on today. I forgot I funded myself about 4 months ago then quit. The economy changes so fast and this game and they keep adding extremely OP items, so I was wondering if my items are worth much. Here are some items I have that are tradeable: The Immortal Pharaoh Belt: 18wep att 30% str and a 4% all stat neb Legendary Chaos Horntail Necklace: 51 all stats, 6 wep attack, 15% all stat Legendary Gold Emerald Earrings: 21 wep att 9% str Unique Eagle Eye Warrior Top: 7 wep att, 67 str, 21% str Legendary Tyrant Warrior Cape: same stats, 0 slots, 2L epic Spectrum Goggles: 14% str 3L Unique Wolf Underling Familiar Burning Ghost Wristband Any guesses would be help


Are these items still relevant? P/C So I haven't played Maplestory in probably close to a year, but I logged on because I'm going to be playing the reboot world. I know the items change so rapidly and become more and more OP, so I don't know if these items are worth anything. I wanted to know a price range for these items if you guys know, thanks The Immortal Pharaoh Belt - 30% Str + 4% all stat neb + 18 wep attack (Legendary) Eagle Eye Warrior - 21% str + 7 wep att (Legendary) Chaos Horntail Necklace - 15% all stat (Legendary) Gold Emerald Earrings - 21 wep att + 9% str (Unique) Spectrum Goggles - 14% Str (Unique) Wolf Underling Familiar I have a bunch of chairs too : Also ,what's the NX rate in Windia? Thanks for the answers