Advanced Equip Enhancement Question So I just have 3 questions about the Advanced Equip Enhancement item: 1) Lets say I use it on an upgraded equipment (0 slots) but [b]unhammered[/b] so now it's 1 star. Then I use Vicious Hammer on it so now it has one slot, can I still use another weapon scroll (ex. Dagger ATK 60%) on it? I mean since the description of the item says: [i]enhances upgraded equipment[/i]. Would it like take away the enhancement lol. Yeah might be a noob question sorry. 2) If I use the enhancement on a weapon, how many +WATK does it give per enhance; does it depend on the amount of successful enhanced the weapon has or the WATK the current weapon has? 3) Is the only difference between Advanced Equip Enhancement and Equip Enh